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Bartender/ Bar Waiter/ess

Posted in , on October 18, 2017

Variety Cruises

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700 Euros +tips

Description :



Bartender/ Bar waiter-ress


Is responsible to maintain highest standard of cleanliness in bar section and to follow up on hospitality guidelines ensuring that every passenger’s needs are met and followed up.


The Bartender is responsible to look after his physical appearance and specifically:

  • Uniform to be complete and clean at all times
  • Hair to be clean and properly attached
  • Free of body odors – No perfumes
  • Shoes to be clean and well maintained
  • Name tag to be worn properly at all times

With regards to service operations:

  • Guest to be greeted properly upon arrival in the bar and addressed by name whenever possible
  • Guest service sentences are used
  • Pro-active selling techniques are used
  • Bar staff to listen carefully to the order
  • Chairs to be properly arranged around the tables
  • Tables to be clean and free of stains
  • Bar list to be properly displayed on tables
  • Bar tables to be clean and in good shape
  • Bar tender to maintain his/her bar clean and in order at all times
  • Beverage coaster to be placed in front of guest
  • All beverages to be brought on a tray
  • Glass ware corresponds to the type of drink ordered
  • Nuts and napkins are brought to the table together with the drinks
  • Empty glasses to be removed quickly after guest has left Also he/she has is responsible
  • To Know the contents of the bar list & prices
  • The promotions of the day and contents
  • The composition f main cocktails
  • The names of house wine and champagnes by the glass
  • The name of at least 10 cocktails from the specific wide selection
  • That Bar staff is able to make some suggestion to hesitating guests
  • To use a measure for all alcoholic beverages at all times
  • To close again after pouring all opened wines and champagnes
  • To check that all lights are working properly
  • The music played in bar is suitable according to guest age or nation and not too loud
  • The bar counter, tables, chairs, carpet are clean without stains
  • To address the guest by name when presenting the bill to sign and thanks the guest
  • Bars are open according to the to the daily program, or when the guests sitting on the deck, ask for something to drink (very often)
  • Bar should be always manned
  • Make sure that the bar is never closed if guests are still drinking and before we ask them if they want another drink
  • To check whether fruits and cookies are in good condition, at the coffee station
  • Seafarer should cater for keeping his/her personal cabin clean and tidy and keep same as such at his/her own time and effort

Reports to

Hotel Manager

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