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Cabin Steward/ess

Posted in on December 18, 2017

Variety Cruises

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600 Euros + Tips

Description :



Cabin Steward/ess


Is responsible to maintain highest standard of cleanliness in assigned cabin section and corridors and to follow up on hospitality guidelines ensuring that every passenger’s needs are met and followed up.


Is responsible for

  • Ensuring-on start day- that all necessary materials chemicals, amenities like a vacuum cleaner are adequate and in good working condition
  • To clean cabin as per instructions given by chief steward
  • On embarkation day to escort passengers to their cabins, introduce themselves and show functions of the cabins
  • To keep corridors clean
  • To report any damage for repair
  • To take care of personal hygiene
  • To be always courteous toward passengers
  • To assist in any other area as required by chief steward
  • To follow up on any other task assigned by chief steward
  • On embarkation day to assist in moving passengers luggage
  • To assist chief steward during embarkation and disembarkation of all the passengers , including escorting passengers to their cabins, waiting areas to be clean and comfortable, refreshments to be offered, luggage distribution to passengers cabins
  • To assist and follow up on special arrangements for any sick or handicapped passengers especially during embarkation and disembarkation
  • Make sure she vacuums under the mattress and also under the beds. All the corners of the beds should be clean at all times
  • Make sure that all good and extra blankets are folded decently and stacked in their bags nicely in their wardrobe. All torn blankets to be brought for replacement
  • Make sure all pillows are in useable condition. If pillows are soiled use covers and if they are very bad and unusable bring them for replacement
  • Make sure no linen blankets, garbage or towels are littered in the corridors on embarkation day
  • Make sure she does not leave any wire hangers in the cabin wardrobe and replace these with wood or plastic hangers
  • Always check the water bottles (4 small bottles in the refrigerator ) in every cabin
  • Make sure you replace the towels with clean ones for each and every passenger s Check for spots, breakages and stains (towels, linen, and blankets)
  • Make sure her section is thoroughly and completely finished without any mistake before she leaves her section
  • Once in a week check the passenger life jacket for whistle, light and put them nicely in their assembly station
  • To help the other crew members to transfer the stores to the galley and store rooms
  • Seafarer should cater for keeping his/her personal cabin clean and tidy and keep same as such at his/her own time and effort


  • Say goodbye to all the passengers and wish them “a safe trip back home”
  • Check out the closets to see if someone has forgotten something in them. If that happens and the passengers have left the ship, we give it to the chief of the ship reporting the cabin we found it
  • Remind to the passengers not to forget to give the keys to their cabin to the information desk
  • Ask the older passengers if they need help for packing

Reports to

Hotel Manager (or Chief Housekeeper if available on board)

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