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Chef/ Cook/ Pastry

Posted in ,, on December 18, 2017

Variety Cruises

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Chef/Cook/ Pastry


Is responsible to ensure that everything works in accordance to the establishment’s policies and monitor the overall performance of the kitchen. Also is responsible to maintain highest standard of cleanliness in Kitchen area according to hygiene regulations.


The chef/cook/pastry is responsible for:

  • Preparing amazing meals that meet quality standards as per company’s instructions.
  • Along with the Hotel Manager (and/or Chief Steward-ess) preparing the provisioning list, after they have checked the storage rooms and the refrigerators and sends it to the provisioning department (at the office) well in advance
  • Is responsible along with the Hotel Manager (and/or Chief Steward-ess) for receiving provisions, quality control, checking if the quantity is according to the lists.
  • Checking various provisions bought at ports with the assistance of Hotel Manager
  • To cooperate with the Hotel Manager for the daily buffet menus and the various diets following always the instructions of the company.
  • Should make sure that the kitchen is clean and should also maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Disposable hats and gloves is compulsory
  • Correct personal hygiene rules should be followed strictly. Daily shaving, arms and chest covered, so as to avoid hairs dropping in the food
  • Inspect regularly if there is any existence of insects and/or pets in the kitchen area. If positive should be reported at once.
  • Set up regular meetings with the hotel crew in order to discuss evaluations results, any complaints reported by passengers and why they were made
  • Maintain a positive and professional behavior with the rest of the crew
  • Keep in mind that smoking is prohibited in the interior spaces of the vessel
  • Managing the conservation of unused cooked food.
  • Inspect food expiration dates weekly
  • Being responsible for the housekeeping and the good condition of refrigerators and storage room
  • Solid and liquid waste containers should be covered when not in use. Should be proportionate and suitable in regards to the area they are being used and placed correctly
  • Supervising the storage and the disposal of galley garbage according to the appropriate regulations.
  • Arranging for food to be available for the entire crew including those is urgent duties.
  • Observing safe working practices in common and private areas, in cooking areas and in provision rooms.
  • Reports to

    Hotel Manager

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