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Chief Engineer

Posted in on December 20, 2017

Variety Cruises

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Chief Engineer


Is responsible for the efficient operation of the ship’s main engines, generators and the machinery and equipment on board the ship, so as to operate in a safe, economic and effective manner.


The Chief Engineer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring a good working environment and the maintenance of all machinery and equipment of the vessel, to maintain correct data regarding the vessel’s maintaining and to acquire sufficient supplies of tools and spare parts.
  • Ensuring that all the machinery and equipment of the engine superintendence is operating according to the maximum yield so as to comply with the charter agreement requirements.
  • Updating the master frequently about the operational situation of the machinery as well as for any delays or abnormalities pending due to inefficient functionality of machinery.
  • Anticipating the needs of the engine superintendence as well as supplies and spare parts, including fuels and lubricants, maintaining inventory and any demands for further supplies.
  • Training the engine staff in order to effectively fulfill his duties.
  • Ensuring that the engine superintendence management is carried out according to the company’s demands and the national and international regulations.
  • Ensuring the appropriate manning of the engineering watch.
  • Ensuring that either he or the second Engineer is always in stand-by when the ship is in closed territories or under conditions that may be regarded as dangerous.
  • Ensuring that the ship is always fueled adequately and with fuel of acceptable quality, keeping in mind always that there should always be a satisfactory margin for the journey to come.
  • Abiding by the ISM and the forms as expected.
  • Keeping the fuel, waste and sewage books updated
  • Informing the master of the ship’s needs, malfunctions, any incidents or losses.

Reports to:

The Superintendent Engineer

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