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Chief Steward/ess acting as Hotel Manager

Posted in , on December 20, 2017

Variety Cruises

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2200 Euros + tips up to 800 Euros a month depending on itinerary

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Hotel Manager-Chief Steward/es


Is responsible for all the sections except for deck and engine crew


  • Along with the chef he prepares the provisioning list, after they have checked the storage rooms and the refrigerators and sends it to the provisioning department (at the office) well in advance.
  • Is responsible in the dining room for: The order of everything during serving time. The food should be hot and served correctly to the passengers. Also, the buffets should be set up correctly and the foods served should always be in accordance to the company’s instructions, daily.
  • Is responsible for the stewardesses’ daily shifts, in order to ensure that there is always service staff readily available for the passengers at the reception and the bar.
  • Is responsible along with the chef for receiving provisions, quality control, checking if the quantity is according to the lists. Also, should oversee that all of the crew members are present for unloading the provisions.
  • Checking the receipts of supplies bought at the various ports, to register what has been bought and to ensure every receipt is signed and accounted for. The list with the receipts should be sent to the office signed by the chef as well.
  • Oversee daily that door handles, W.C, and staircase handles are disinfected, and hand disinfectant should always be available at the reception and the bars.
  • To meet with the hotel department crew once a week in regards to cleaning, sanitation for the various illnesses and what to do if they may occur. Also, about the suitable behavior towards guests, personal hygiene, passenger service, and the appropriate behaviour on board the ship.
  • To complete the relevant list in regards to the meetings that have taken place, and what has been mentioned during those, and send a copy to the office.
  • Is responsible for picking up the passengers. During the time of their boarding everything should be ready in order to welcome them. The hotel personnel and the rest of the crew should be in positions, suitably dresses and according to the company’s regulations.
  • Should cooperate with the tour leaders for the schedule of each day.
  • Should actively participate in the special events on board the ship. Also, should make sure that all frayed CD’s, DVD’s and all board games are replaced.
  • To cooperate with the ship’s technicians for the correct operation of appliances. Also correct laundry staff training should take place for the correct usage of appliances and detergents.
  • To cooperate with the chef for the daily buffet menus and the various diets following always the instructions of the company.
  • Is responsible for properly preparing the service station and for checking constantly for the frequent renewal of cookies, cakes and fruit. Also, there should always be fresh hot coffee, warm water for tea (different types), Nescafe, decaffeinated, as well as mugs.
  • Should inspect the cabins and common areas before embarkation, so as to make sure that everything is in excellent condition. Also, in cooperation with the qualified representative should maintain the deck lounge chairs open and in place at the specific time. Lastly, should oversee for the frequent cleaning of windows from sea salt.
  • Should diligently abide by, according to instructions of the company, about what should be served at the welcome and farewell parties, drinks and canapés and should send a wine/drink list with what was served at the parties.
  • Should be informed, after cooperation with the charter company about who is eligible for “free drinks” during meals.
  • Should inspect if everything is in accordance while closing passenger accounts, and should always receive confirmation for the passenger checks which will be sent to the office after the end of each and every cruise.
  • Inspect if everything is in accordance while closing passenger accounts, and should always receive confirmation for the passenger checks which will be sent to the office after the end of each and every cruise.
  • Is responsible for a request and repairs list to always be present at the reception and for a signed copy of it to be sent to the office weekly, even if there haven’t been any complaints.
  • In cooperation with the chefs he should make sure that the kitchen is clean and should also maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Should complete an “end of the Cruises report” after each cruise and send it to the office.
  • Is responsible for the ships interior and exterior decoration during special nights.
  • Should make sure that regular meetings are carried out with the hotel crew including the chefs in order to inform of the evaluations results, the complaints made and why they were made.

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