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Galley/ Utility/ Laundry

Posted in , on December 18, 2017

Variety Cruises

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550 Euros + tips

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Hotel assistance personnel (Galley/ Utility/ Laundry)


Is responsible to maintain highest standard of cleanliness in Galley and/or Laundry room section and to follow up on hospitality guidelines ensuring that every passenger’s needs are met and followed up.


The hotel personnel are responsible to look after his/her physical appearance:

  • Hair is clean and properly attached
  • Shoes are clean and well maintained
  • There are no body odors-no perfumes

Galley Room:

  • To clean galley room and dispose garbage as per instructions given by Hotel Manager/ Chef
  • To report any damage for repair found in his section
  • To be always courteous toward passengers
  • To assist in any other area requested by Hotel Manager
  • To help the other crew members to move the stores to galley and store rooms
  • Food handlers should not have contagious illnesses or infections. Individuals with cuts or wounds or affected by diarrhea should diverge from all the food handling areas
  • Hands should always be clean and washed well (At least 20secs with warm water and soap) – Disposable hats and gloves is compulsory
  • Correct personal hygiene rules should be followed strictly. Daily shaving, arms and chest covered, so as to avoid hairs dropping in the food
  • To keep all the containers’ surfaces and utensils that come into immediate contact with food or ice properly cleaned
  • To keep all the containers’ surfaces and utensils that do not come into immediate contact with food or ice properly cleaned and in good working condition as well
  • To check that all dish washers are in good working condition and functioning properly. In case of any damage to report immediately to the Hotel Manager
  • Water for pre-washing, washing, disinfecting and final washing, should be clean and in the correct temperature. Final washing water should be at 178F (Fahrenheit) or 80C (Celsius) when possible
  • Solid and liquid waste containers should be covered when not in use. Should be proportionate and suitable in regards to the area they are being used and placed correctly
  • Liquid waste should be disposed of appropriately and separately from the solid waste
  • The kitchen lights should always be protected with hoods and should be cleaned from cooking oils. If repairs need to be made, they should reported immediately to the Hotel Manager
  • To keep the kitchen areas well-aired and free from clutter and obstructions
  • To place the cleaning liquids and detergents in the detergent store rooms.
  • Laundry Room:

  • The laundry room should be kept clean and obstacle free
  • Ventilation filters should be clean with lint to avoid the fire hazard
  • Correct separation and storage of chemicals, detergents and toxic substances should be made
  • As well as correct labeling and signage on all containers
  • Ensure that cleaning linens are always clean and stored properly
  • To separate the dirty from clean utensils and store in suitable spaces
  • To place the cleaning liquids and detergents in the detergent store rooms.
  • Various

  • To assist the Hotel Manager during embarkation and disembarkation of all passengers, including moving passengers’ luggage and escorting them to their cabins
  • If there is any existence or even suspicion of existence of insects and/or pets should be reported at once.
  • Insecticides should be used only with the order of a superior and after the correct instructions are given
  • Smoking is prohibited in the interior spaces of the vessel
  • In the event that hotel assistants have not fully understood or have doubts regarding instructions for the operation of equipment in their working areas, they should direct any questions to their supervisor straight away.
  • Seafarer should cater for keeping his/her personal cabin clean and tidy and keep same as such at his/her own time and effort
  • Reports to
    Hotel Manager

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