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Sailor AB/OS

Posted in on December 17, 2017

Variety Cruises

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Monthly Salary

550 Euros + tips

Description :





To carry out as needed the works of maintaining and operating that are assigned to him and carrying out his watch


Seamen are responsible for:

  • Executing guard duty according to the orders of the Guard officer while disclosing any situation out of the ordinary.
  • Executing according to the instructions of the Bosun or the Chief Officer any operational duties in regards to the deck and handling.
  • Ensuring the secure stay of passengers on the vessel’s decks.
  • Executing maintenance and cleaning work of the vessel and the deck equipment, according to the instructions of the Bosun or the Chief Officer.
  • Notifying to the Bosun of any peculiarities in regards to the vessel or specifications regarding its operation.
  • Abiding by all his duties and responsibilities that are provided for by the Internal Regulation of Ship Operation.
  • Being polite towards the passengers and to be maintain his uniform clean.
  • Following the orders of his officers
  • Being on duty during swim stops.
  • Being on duty at the embarkation and disembarkations staircase
  • Moving equipment
  • The arrival and safe transfer of passengers
  • Responsible for the carriage of spares, provisions, stores, luggage and garbage as it may be ordered.
  • Seafarer should cater for keeping his/her personal cabin clean and tidy and keep same as such at his/ her own time and effort.

Reports to

The Bosun and the Chief Officer

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