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Second Engineer

Posted in on December 18, 2017

Variety Cruises

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Second Engineer


Is responsible for scheduling and organizing, in cooperation with the chief engineer and the help of the engine superintendence, the optimum function and maintenance of the engine and the maintenance of the motorization and electrical equipment of the ship.


The Second Engineer is responsible for:

  • Helping the Chief Engineer in the correct operation, maintenance and repair of all the motorization and electrical equipment on the ship.
  • Cooperating on the proper use of human resources of the engine room and to prioritize work flow.
  • Overseeing the maintenance mechanics while working on whatever the Chief engineer has assigned.
  • Being fully aware of the situation of the ship’s machinery, while keeping the Chief Engineer updated about any problem that might occur, while suggesting the suitable route of action.
  • Taking over the duties of Chief Engineer and lead the engine room superintendence in case of absence or inability of the Chief Engineer to do so.
  • Putting into function the main engine and to ensure that all the security systems and the warning announcement are operating satisfactorily before the engine room is in UMS mode (Unattended Machinery Space).
  • Taking over the responsibility of the correct placement of the valves and receipt fuel and lubricants lines.
  • Complying with all duties and responsibilities that are provided for from the Internal Regulation of Ship Operations.
  • Seafarer should cater for keeping his/her personal cabin clean and tidy and keep same as such at his/ her own time and effort.

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