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Posted in on December 18, 2017

Variety Cruises

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Job Type


Monthly Salary

600 Euros + Tips

Description :



Dining Room personnel



Is responsible to maintain highest standard of cleanliness in dining room section and to follow up on hospitality guidelines ensuring that every passenger’s needs are met and followed up.



The Waiter/tress is responsible to look after his physical appearance and specifically:

  • Uniform to be complete and clean at all times
  • Hair to be clean and properly attached
  • Free of body odors – No perfumes
  • Shoes to be clean and well maintained
  • Name tag to be worn properly at all times

With regards to service operations:

  • Guest to be greeted properly upon arrival in the dining room
  • And addressed by name whenever possible
  • Dining room staff to listen carefully to the orders
  • Chairs to be properly arranged around the tables
  • Table clothes, napkins, glasses, plates and cutlery are clean and free of stain
  • Prepare the dining room for breakfast, lunch buffet and dinner according to Hotel Manager’s orders
  • Prepare the decoration in the dining room or deck for special events
  • Keep always the dining room very clean and assist the Hotel Manager in any area of the ship, as requested
  • Assist the Hotel Manager during embarkation and disembarkation of all passengers, including moving passengers’ luggage and escorting them to their cabins
  • Always serve and keep the food hot during buffets and dinner
  • Ask very often the passengers how was the food and if they have enjoyed it
  • Ask the passengers and promote to drink wine or beer during the meals
  • Proper storing of dishes, crockery, silver wear and restaurant utensils and equipment
  • Clean and soiled restaurant line in proper storage areas
  • Maximum attention of personal hygiene in all food servers
  • Seafarer should cater for keeping his/her personal cabin clean and tidy and keep same as such at his/her own time and effort

Reports to: Hotel Manager

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